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Learning objectives AESOP4Food seminar

AESOP4food online seminar supports a broader and general understanding of the contemporary challenges and existing strategies of sustainable food planning and food systems transformation.

  • Acquiring core competencies for sustainable food planning: systems thinking, values thinking, anticipatory and strategic competence and collaboration
  • Awareness of main contemporary challenges to sustainable food systems, its multiple dimensions (social, environmental, economic and spatial) and setting (cultural, local and regional) in the context of spatial planning

Learning objectives are:

  • Critical reflection on personal values, competences, and especially the role of the planner in a pluralistic society (expert vs facilitator) in developing a more resilient food system
  • General understanding of concepts such as City-Region food systems, theory of change, transition thinking and prototyping
  • Analysing a part of a food system or a specific food initiative
  • Engaging local community through participatory problem-solving techniques
  • Mapping and evaluating the power structures and the role of main stakeholders in the food system
  • Exploring the techniques of collaborative challenges and goal setting
  • Developing a joint vision and strategy based on suitable methods and tools for prototyping and transformative action