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Seminar schedule 2022

PHASE 1 Exploring the field of play

lead LE:NOTRE Institute Main challenges, Theoretical frameworks, Approaches and methods: PAR, living labs, analysing methods, Defining your position and values

PHASE 2 Analysing your local foodscape – lead Universidad Politecnica De Madrid Mapping a food system; Mapping the stakeholders, consumers, policymakers (power mapping); SWOT analysis

  • April 28: mapping a food system; mapping the stakeholders, consumers, policymakers (power mapping); short chains. You can see the powerpoint here.. The recording of the session can be (re)viewed on the landscape portal page.
  • May 12: Participatory assessment: Easing the path to a democratic food agenda? by Mary Corcoran (National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Department of Sociology and Spatial participatory food (systems) mapping by Katrin Bohn, Bohn&Viljoen Architects, School of Architecture & Design, University of Brighton.

You can see the presentation and the recording on the landscape portal.

  • May 19 presentations of the results of Assignment 2 by the teams

PHASE 3 Collaborative goals and vision

lead SupAgro Montpellier Collaborative goal setting; Defining the challenges; coordination

PHASE 4 Strategy and interventions

lead Ghent University Formulating your strategy, Designing an intervention, and testing it

  • June 8: Michiel Dehaene on strategy and prototyping, you can download the presentation here.
  • June 23 presentations of the results of Assignment 4 by the teams

PHASE 5 Evaluation & monitoring

lead Warsaw University of Life Sciences Student presentation and self-reflection on the assignment

  • To be planned: Final presentations